Department of Chemistry & Physics

The Department is currently staffed by 11 full-time and several adjunct instructors and staff, all of whom have great enthusiasm for teaching and community outreach. The department's mission is to foster the scientific and technological literacy of the total student population through general education and enrichment classes and activities.

"The U.S. Department of Education has forecasted that STEM-related occupations will grow by as much as 60% by 2020. While the field has long been underrepresented by women and minorities, we believe now is an excellent time to help change that." - has shared this link to a guide for STEM opportunities for women and minorities. This guide highlights academic support for women and minorities, national societies, as well as the economic outlook for these fields. We hope it proves helpful. Want more information about women and STM careers? Click here for a guide for women in STEM.

Calling All Minecraft Players Who Love Chemistry!! Learn more about a Minecraft world populated with structures of proteins, chemicals and even some chemical history.